myline bar 24 x 40g
Carbohydrate-protein bar with vitamins and calcium, enriched with L-carnitine. Coated with milk chocolate.
CHF 57.60
All Stars Realpro Bar 24 x 50g
The new 50g LOW-CARB bar with 2 delicious flavors (Chocolate and Peanut) is now available at ALL STARS! With 21g protein and only 1.8g NET carbs (sugar content) per bar!
CHF 60.00
Sponser Cereal Energy Bar 20 x 40g
Tasty Cereal Bar with fruity strawberries for long-lasting energy during sports activities or just for in between. Cereal Energy Bar comes from the power plant of nature. Natural ingredients deliver a lot of power and taste.
CHF 36.00
Protein bar with the Professional Protein Matrix.
CHF 63.70
The Classic Pack bar with 11g protein.
CHF 52.80
Sponser Oat Pack Bar 30 x 60g
Sponser Oat Pack - concentrated power from oats. Juicy oat flakes combined with roasted macadamia nuts and Chufas tiger nuts, provide the necessary energy for the high demands in nature.
CHF 90.00
Sponser Power Protein Low Carb Bar 25 x 50g
PROTEIN LOW CARB complements the protein-rich low-carbohydrate diet in a tasty way. The protein bars are suitable as a healthy snack on the go, provide the body with important protein and serve to build and maintain muscle mass. With 30% high-quality protein and a maximum of 4.4% carbohydrates, Sponser Protein Low Carb is suitable for the low-carb diet as a healthy and sensible snack.
CHF 70.00