Bars are a popular form of sports nutrition because they provide a convenient and portable on-the-go option. Sports nutrition bars are specifically designed to provide the body with a combination of macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to support athletic performance and promote post-workout recovery.

Protein Bars: Protein bars contain high levels of protein and are designed to support muscle growth and recovery. They provide a good amount of essential amino acids, which are important for building and repairing muscle.

Energy Bars: Energy bars contain higher levels of carbohydrates to provide the body with quick energy during exercise or sports activities. They may contain a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates to provide quick and long-lasting energy.

Meal Replacement Bars: Meal replacement bars are usually more nutritious and contain a balanced mix of macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. They are often used to replace a full meal when there is no time or opportunity for a traditional meal.

Snack Bars: Snack bars are a lighter option and often contain fewer calories than protein or energy bars. They offer a quick and convenient way to satisfy hunger and have a healthy snack.

When choosing a bar, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients and make sure they meet individual nutritional needs and goals. It is advisable to look for high-quality ingredients, such as high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats. In addition, individual allergies or intolerances should be considered.

It is also important to note that bars should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. A healthy diet consisting of a variety of natural foods should always be aimed for, and sports nutrition bars should be considered as a supplement to meet specific nutritional needs.

Weider Joe's Soft Bar 12 x 50g
The WEIDER JOE's SOFT bar with its extra soft protein core and delicious milk chocolate coating, sometimes refined with a caramel layer or with tasty almond pieces, is an absolutely sweet temptation with just 1.8g of sugar per bar! The bars consist of a super soft protein core with a creamy protein filling and contribute a total of 29% protein to building and maintaining your muscle mass. With a maximum of 200 kcal per JOE's SOFT BAR, the bar fits perfectly into any diet plan.
CHF 30.24
CHF 33.60
Weider Joe's Core Bar 12 x 45g
The WEIDER JOE'S CORE bar is an absolutely sweet temptation with its creamy core and delicious milk chocolate coating, sometimes refined with hazelnuts or with coconut shreds, and with just 1.7g of sugar per bar! The bars consist of a soft protein core with a creamy protein filling and contribute to building and maintaining muscle mass with a total of 31% protein. With its 176 kcal per JOE'S CORE BAR, the bar fits perfectly into any diet plan.
CHF 30.24
CHF 33.60
Sponser Cereal Energy Bar 20 x 40g
Tasty Cereal Bar with fruity strawberries for long-lasting energy during sports activity or just once for in between. Cereal Energy Bar comes from the power plant of nature . Natural ingredients provide plenty of power and flavor.
CHF 34.20
CHF 38.00
All Stars Skyr Bar 24 x 35g
At 35g, the bar is small and handy, fits in any pocket and is therefore perfect for on the go or simply to enjoy between meals. Thanks to the fiber and high protein content, it is very filling despite its small size. The combination of skyr and small pieces of fruit provides a slightly yoghurt-like and fruity taste. The dark or milk chocolate coating provides a real chocolate bar feeling and makes the Skyr Protein Bar an ideal substitute for sweets, which is significantly lower in calories than the conventional chocolate bar from the supermarket shelf. A perfect blend of fruit, yogurt and chocolate.
CHF 45.36
CHF 50.40
All Stars Protein Cookie Crunch, 18 x 50g
Protein bars are excellent for protein supply for in between or on the go and are a high-quality alternative to "snacking" on chocolate or other sweets. All Stars bars are available in many different sizes. All bars consist of high-quality protein sources
CHF 51.84
CHF 57.60
Sponser Power Protein Low Carb Bar 25 x 50g
PROTEIN LOW CARB is a tasty addition to a protein-rich, low-carbohydrate diet. The protein bars are suitable as a healthy snack on the go, provide the body with important protein and serve to build and maintain muscle mass.With 30% high-quality protein and a maximum of 4.4% carbohydrates, Sponser Protein Low Carb is suitable for the low-carb diet as a healthy and sensible snack.
CHF 72.00
CHF 80.00
All Stars Protein Cookie 12 x 75g
Protein Cookie by All Stars is a high-quality protein cookie with chocolate chips. With 21g protein, convenient for on the go as a snack, as well as to refill the energy and protein stores before or after training.

CHF 37.80
CHF 42.00
Inkospor Fitness Bar 24 x 35g
The tasty Active® Fitness protein bar is the ideal companion before, during and after training and is suitable as a high-quality snack. The popular bar contains up to 23% protein and vitamins with only around 150 kcal.
CHF 43.20
CHF 48.00