Sponser Carbo Loader 1200g can
For the replenishment of carbohydrate stores developed, energy sports drink. Also shortens the recovery time during training camps.
CHF 30.00
Sponser Waxy Maize Starch, 1000g bag
WAXY MAIZE STARCH (WMS) by SPONSER is a native waxy maize starch. It consists of long chain carbohydrates, which results in a slower insulin response and thus increased fat metabolism. Naturally WMS is also lactose and gluten free and provides 88% carbohydrates. WMS is primarily suitable for the ultra-endurance range, this with the goal of being able to use all energy resources (as an individual addition in combination with other types of sugar and electrolytes). In weight training it is suitable for the mass phase. WMS is very soluble in cold water, unlike many other starch types.
CHF 17.00