Boxing trainers

Bruce Lee Slamman Stand Punching Bag Reaction Trainer
The Bruce Lee Slam Man is a reaction trainer perfect for boxing and martial arts. However, it can also be used in popular sports. The workout is not only fun, but also an excellent full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Anyone can do the workout on the Slamman and training with it is also suitable for stress relief after a hard day.
Bruce Lee Boxing Trainer - Free Boxing Stand (14BLSBO073)
The ideal training partner for home. The Bruce Lee standing punching bag helps to increase the intensity in training as well as to improve punching and kicking skills. The punching stand is very robust and durable, making it a long-lasting training tool. The base can be filled with sand to guarantee a firm stand. Thus, the free-standing boxing stand does not fall over during training.
Bruce Lee Speedball on stand (14BLSBO106)
Bruce Lee standing punching ball for a varied boxing training. This leather punching ball of the brand Bruce Lee is made of black leather. With the punching ball stamina and punching speed is trained and improved. The reaction ability is particularly promoted, because the athlete must be 100% on the job by the rebound of the ball. In this way, progress in focusing can also be achieved. The diameter of the bulb is only 17 cm and you can therefore easily integrate the speedball into a room.