Boxing pad

Punchingpads, also called pads, are padded target objects used in boxing and other martial arts. They are used to receive punches, kicks and punch combinations from the boxer or training partner.

Function: punch pads allow the trainer or partner to receive punches and kicks and provide a realistic target for the boxer. They are used to practice punching techniques, improve punching power, increase speed and train accuracy.

Padding: punch pads are designed with thick padding to absorb the impact of punches and minimize the risk of injury to the trainer or partner. The padding is usually a combination of foam and shock-absorbing materials that provide adequate cushioning.

Shape and size: impact pads come in different shapes and sizes suitable for different exercises and techniques. There are flat pads, which are mainly used for punches, and curved pads, which are suitable for both punches and kicks. The size of the punching pads varies according to preferences and training needs.

Handling: punch pads are usually held and moved by the trainer or partner to provide the boxer with a moving target. The trainer may prescribe different punch combinations and techniques or cater to the boxer's reactions to make the workout varied and challenging.

Training effects: Training with punch pads allows the boxer to refine punching techniques, improve hand-eye coordination, increase punching speed and accuracy, and build endurance. It also helps improve reaction time, defensive skills and overall fighting technique.

When training with punching pads, it is important to use proper technique and pay attention to safety. Both the trainer and the boxer should pay attention to proper protective equipment, such as boxing gloves, to avoid injuries. It is advisable to train with an experienced trainer who can provide guidance and feedback to make the training safe and effective.