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Body Fat Scale

Personal scales, body fat trolley and other body measuring devices.

To ensure that you do not lose sight of your workout goal, you cannot neglect scales and measuring devices for your body work. These help you take total body measurements within a few seconds.

Body fat measurement and body analysis with accurate measuring devices from Shark Fitness

For an optimal body analysis it is important to know what is going on in your own body and how it changes. For this purpose, specially designed body scales and measuring devices are suitable, which perform a reliable total body analysis. But even here there are product differences depending on your needs, which you should consider. Whether it's a body fat scale (e.g. Tanita DC 360 S body fat scale), a body analysis scale (e.g. Tanita BC-351 Inner Scan body analysis scale) or just a calorie meter

Body Solid watch
The Body Solid wall clock in disc form - an enrichment of every training room.
CHF 39.00
Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor (92081565)
Reliably track your heart rate with the classic chest strap for daily training. Connect to your favourite app, sports watch, fitness device or bike computer.
CHF 59.00
Tanita RD-545 HR Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor
Segmental Body Composition Monitor with wireless connection - Take control of your body with the Tanita RD-545. With this accurate scale, you can monitor 20 types of body compositions and measure each part with pinpoint accuracy. Then set your goals and chart your progress with the MyTanita app. Customize your training program according to your activities and body composition.
CHF 490.00
Polar M460 HR (90064872)
The Polar M460 HR (with transmitter belt) is a GPS cycling computer with extended capacity for power measurement, Polar Smart Coaching and support for Strava Live segments. It is equipped with many important cycling functions for training control, which makes it the perfect companion for both cycling and mountain biking.
CHF 249.00
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor (92075957)
When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, the Polar H10 N heart rate sensor is the first choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your sensor to a wide range of ANT+ and Bluetooth training devices.
CHF 79.00
Tanita BC-313 body composition monitor
The Tanita BC-313 body composition scale impresses with its beautiful glass look, the touch screen and the 50 gram division. In addition, the scale is very compact despite a capacity of 150kg. The large LCD display shows 10 body composition measurements in a short time.
CHF 139.00
Tanita DC 360 P body fat scale
Usingclinically accurate Tanita Dual Frequency BIA technology, a complete body analysis can be performed in 15 seconds. "
CHF 3'750.00
Tanita DC 360 S body fat scale
Usingclinically accurate Tanita Dual Frequency BIA technology, a complete body analysis can be performed in 15 seconds. "
CHF 2'950.00
Tanita DC 430 S MA Segment Body Analytical Scale
With the help of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), total body water, body fat and fat-free mass can be determined. In addition, the body fat analysis scale Tanita BC-430 S MA, calibrated with stand, incl. printer and software, gives an indicator for visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass and metabolic age.
CHF 3'890.00
Tanita DC 430 P MA Segment Body Analytical Scale
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) can be used to determine total body water, body fat as well as lean mass. In addition, the Tanita DC-430 body fat analysis scale, calibrated with stand, including printer and software, still gives an indicator of visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass as well as metabolic age."
CHF 4'490.00
Tanita RD-953 body composition monitor, white
The new secret weapon for fitness success - easy to use, accurate, effective. Nothing compares to this Bluetooth connected RD-953 smart scale that gives you more than 10 body composition evaluations, including muscle quality and muscle quality score.
CHF 259.00
Polar Flowlink (91053130)

Flowlink provides easy data transfer between the training computer and the Polar Internet service.
CHF 54.90