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Discover the right fitness accessories for your personal home fitness.

Strength, endurance or fitness? What is your sport goal? No matter what fitness goal you are pursuing, we are happy to help you find the right accessories for your fitness training in addition to our fitness equipment. So that you do not lose sight of your goal and can train efficiently towards it.

Fitness heart rate monitors, floor protection mats, care material - we have everything your fitness heart desires.

Whether you want to protect your floor with a floor protection mat (e.g. Life Fitness floor protection mats), improve your fitness with a heart rate sensor (e.g. Polar H10 heart rate sensor) or measure your pulse around the clock with the right fitness tracker(Polar A370 fitness tracker) - Shark Fitness offers you many possibilities to improve or supplement your workout with the right fitness accessories. Because with the right accessories for home fitness, you not only make your workout much more effective, but can also exploit the full potential of your sports equipment and training.

Fitness accessories with added value

Benefit from the large selection of fitness accessories at fair prices in the Shark Fitness online shop:

  • Care material: High-quality care products that prolong the life of your fitness equipment.

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Life Fitness floor protection mats, anthracite
With the Life Fitness floor protection mat you buy the ideal addition to your Life Fitness training equipment. The special shape with rounded corners and the anthracite colour give the mat a modern and noble design (price from mat small).
CHF 75.00
Polar Verity Sense OHR Optical Pulse Sensor (725882055404)
The Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate sensor that offers maximum freedom of movement and several options for displaying and recording training sessions. Thanks to Bluetooth®, ANT and internal memory, you can connect the Polar Verity Sense with a sports watch or an app to display the training data in real time or save the training session in the internal memory and read out the data afterwards.
CHF 89.00
NordicTrack iFit family subscription (1 year) - up to 5 users
Get more out of your workout on the Nordic Track training device with the revolutionary iFit Technology interactive training program. Get a new workout every day (personalized workouts), automatically track your progress, experience real-life runs with Google Maps (virtual tracks) or compete with friends, or tailor your workouts to your specific goals (virtual (personal) training).
CHF 349.00
Horizon Fitness Bluetooth Transmitter Belt
For a safe and effective workout, you should always keep an eye on your heart rate during training. The Horizon Fitness Bluetooth chest strap shows the heart rate on the display of models with integrated Bluetooth receiver accurately and reliably.
CHF 59.00
Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor (92081565)
Reliably track your heart rate with the classic chest strap for daily training. Connect to your favourite app, sports watch, fitness device or bike computer.
CHF 59.00
Bacillol 30 Foam surface disinfection, 2 x 750ml
A ready-to-use rapid disinfectant for the disinfection of sensitive surfaces. With a comparatively low alcohol content of 30 percent, the Bacillol 30 Foam surface disinfectant offers comprehensive material compatibility and at the same time a broad spectrum of activity against many microorganisms. Can also be applied as a foam by means of a special spray head.
CHF 33.80
Polar M460 HR (90064872)
The Polar M460 HR (with transmitter belt) is a GPS cycling computer with extended capacity for power measurement, Polar Smart Coaching and support for Strava Live segments. It is equipped with many important cycling functions for training control, which makes it the perfect companion for both cycling and mountain biking.
CHF 249.00
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor (92075957)
When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, the Polar H10 N heart rate sensor is the first choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your sensor to a wide range of ANT+ and Bluetooth training devices.
CHF 79.00
Interflon dry lubricant FIN SUPER
Highly effective dry lubricant and care product from MicPol, packed in a handy spray can. Proven for almost all daily lubrication, maintenance and repair work, such as a lubricant and release agent for treadmills. Improves running properties and maintains the usual quality of the running surface.
CHF 19.50
USB with 6 Passport Set Up Box videos
Passport Media Player with Virtual Active is an interactive training program in which the athlete runs, drives and hikes through real landscapes. Instead of staring at the walls while training, the athlete can now experience the landscapes in a dynamic video - interactively and in HD quality.
CHF 69.00