Boxing accessories

Boxing accessories include a variety of items and equipment used for boxing training and boxing in general.

Wall mounts and ceiling hooks: Wall mounts or ceiling hooks are used to attach punching bags or speedballs to the wall or ceiling. They provide a stable suspension and allow the boxer to practice techniques such as punches and kicks on the punching bag or speedball.

Boxing Band ages: boxing bandages are elastic bands that are wrapped around the wrists and hands to provide additional support and stability. They help prevent injuries by stabilizing the wrists and improving shock absorption.

Boxing footwear: boxing shoes are specially designed shoes for boxing. They provide good grip on the ground, flexibility and support for the feet and ankles during training or competition.

Jump Rope: Jumprope is a popular training tool in boxing. It is used to improve endurance, coordination, footwork and speed. Skipping ropes are available in different lengths and materials.

Timerand round bell: timers and round bells are used to regulate round time and breaks during boxing training or competition. They help to use the training time efficiently and maintain the round structure.

Boxing clothesand box ing gloves: Boxing equipment also includes special clothes such as boxing pants, boxing boots, boxing jerseys and boxing gloves. These garments provide comfort, freedom of movement, and protection during training and boxing matches.

Water bottle and towel: a water bottle and towel are important accessories to keep the body hydrated and wipe away sweat during training.

Training Pads: Training pads are used by trainers or partners to absorb punches and kicks and practice techniques. They can include pratfalls, punch pads, or Thai pads.

These are just a few examples of boxing accessories, but there are many more items that can be used by boxers and in boxing. The choice of boxing accessories depends on individual needs and training style.