Renegade AirBike AB100
The Renegade Air Bike AB100 for a low-impact total body workout - The Renegade Air Bike is an upright exercise bike with handles, also called an air bike. Resistance is provided by a fan wheel that exponentially increases air resistance as you pedal harder. The intensity of the workout on the Renegade Air Bike depends entirely on the person exercising. The AB100 Air Bike has a sturdy construction and durable features, and is ideal for both users who need a low resistance workout and high intensity HIIT training for more conditioned athletes.
Assault Fitness AirBike Elite
The Assault AirBike is a full body workout machine suitable for beginners to advanced users. The combination of cross trainer (through upper body bars) and bicycle ergometer is perfect for an effective and joint-friendly full body workout at the highest level. Pedaling, pushing, pulling - the AirBike not only trains aerobic and anaerobic endurance, but also strengthens the muscles. Thanks to the air resistance system, the user can not only regulate his resistance independently and continuously by the number of revolutions, but he can also independently determine whether the lower or upper body should be loaded more.