Functional Trainer

Functional trainers, also known as functional training systems or functional fitness trainers, are exercise machines designed specifically for functional training. Functional training aims to improve movements needed in daily life, sports and everyday activities. It focuses on training the body as a whole and promoting movements that are coordinated, relevant to everyday life and multidimensional.

The Functional Trainer usually consists of one or more adjustable cable pull stations to which various accessories such as handles, ropes, bars and straps can be attached. These stations allow for a wide variety of movements and exercises aimed at improving strength, stability, balance, flexibility and coordination.

Holistic training
Functional training aims to train the body as a whole, rather than strengthening isolated muscles.
Relevance to everyday life
Exercises in functional training are often based on everyday movement patterns, which means that the improvements achieved can be directly transferred to everyday life.
Coordination and stability
The use of unstable surfaces or free movements improves coordination and stability of the body.
Injury prevention
Training helps strengthen muscles that are often neglected and can therefore help prevent injuries.
Functional trainers are often versatile, making it possible to adapt the workout to individual needs and abilities.
Wide range of exercise options
A functional trainer can be used to perform a wide range of exercises, from basic exercises such as squats and deadlifts to more complex movements.

Functional trainers are popular in gyms and physiotherapy facilities and with athletes who want to improve their performance.

Hoist Fitness Mi5 Functional Trainer with Functional Training Accessory Kit (Mi5)
The Mi5 Functional Trainer is Hoist Fitness' most compact and space-saving functional trainer. With patented technology, the Mi5 features two cable arms with two planes of motion. A unique three-point cable adjustment system allows for more than 1,000 cable adjustment variations. Ideal for health clubs, corporate fitness, hotels, personal training, physical therapies or similar. Included is the Functional Training Access ory Kit with the Mi5 back stabilizer, a long aluminum bar with rotating connection points, an aluminum curl bar, a lined ankle cuff, a long handle strap and 2 carabiner clasps. The Functional Training Accessories are the ideal complement to the Hoist Functional Trainer Mi5 and allow for a comprehensive and versatile workout.
Hoist Fitness Mi6 Functional Trainer (Mi6)
The unique and stylish Hoist Mi6 is the innovation and aesthetics users have come to expect from premium Hoist Fitness products. The 360 degree rotating columns with a patent pending Integrated Adjustment System allow unlimited anatomical training exercises from different angles. The Mi6 Functional Trainer offers a full range of functional training exercises designed to maximize results. Ideal for health clubs, corporate fitness, hotels, personal training, physiotherapy or similar.
Hoist Fitness Mi7 Functional Trainer
The HOIST Mi7 Functional Trainer is a functional trainer from the HOIST MiSeries line. A wider walk-around frame provides more space for additional bench exercises, while the large selection of unique features maximizes workout options. The Mi7 is a product unlike any other home gym. It's perfect for training full body strength and improving overall fitness.
BodyCraft PFT V3 Premium Functional Trainer
The PFT V3 Premium Functional Trainer from BodyCraft for user-defined, isolateral training movements convinces with function, workmanship and design. Two height-adjustable traction elements allow the highest variety of training exercises, as well as sport-specific exercises, from fitness to rehabilitation. A functional trainer in a class of its own.
TuffStuff CXT200 Corner Training Station
TuffStuff CXT200 robust multifunctional corner training station - the Tuff Stuff CXT-200 multi-functional trainer offers a variety of exercise and adjustment options for a functional full-body workout. Muscle building, sport specific training, body toning, correcting muscular imbalances, a rehabilitation workout or simply improving general fitness. The CXT-200 is designed as a corner station. It takes up less than 2.5m² of space and fits perfectly into any corner of a room thanks to its intelligent, right-angled frame design, making it extremely space-saving.
Hoist Fitness Simple Trainer (HD-4000)
The Simple Trainer takes functional training to the next level with HOIST®'s patent-pending dual-axis adjustment system that controls both vertical and horizontal arm adjustment - simultaneously! - With a single easily adjustable lever per side. With 12 height positions and 9 width positions for each arm, this easy-to-use, quick-adjust functional trainer brings more fun to commercial or light-commercial fitness settings. The HOIST® Simple Trainer's cables stay centered with the arms' axis of rotation, preventing sagging during adjustments while giving users a smooth and consistent feel.
TuffStuff MFT-2700 Multifunctional Trainer
The compact and space-saving multifunctional device MFT-2700 from TuffStuff for strength training impresses with its variety of training options. The Tuff Stuff MFT-2700 cable pull station combines in a very special way the functions of a multifunctional cable pull with the training possibilities of a multi-station. The two lever arms can be adjusted independently in all heights and directions. The adjustable arm bars offer extensive exercise variations.
Hoist Fitness Dual Pulley Functional Trainer (HD-3000)
The Hoist Premium Line HD-Dual series is the ideal dual-function equipment line for those who want many features in a compact footprint. The HD stations offer a blend of excellent quality, intuitive operation, impressive biomechanics and ergonomics. With the Hoist Dual Stations, two different exercises are possible at a time. This saves space without sacrificing the workout experience.
Body Solid Pro Club Line Series II Functional Trainer (S2FT)
Commercially rated - built with precision - Body Solid's Pro Club Line Series II consists of 17 single and dual function stations and offers a complete range of equipment, providing facilities with strength stations for the entire body. Each station is designed to be biomechanically correct. Multiple adjustment options allow each user to achieve high quality and natural movement.
Impulse Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley - Functional Trainer (IT9530)
40 years of experience in fitness equipment manufacturing has made Impulse Fitness one of the largest manufacturing brands in the world. Impulse Fitness' IT Series is a commercially viable strength equipment line with over 50 machines to meet the training needs of novice to experienced athletes. Highest quality at an appealing price/performance ratio characterize Impulse Fitness' IT Series.