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Tunturi E60 ergometer
The Tunturi Performance line offers a very good price/performance ratio and is suitable for light institutional use. Each Tunturi Performance ergometer has a user-friendly console, which also includes a watt program. The Tunturi Performance Bike E60 is a bicycle ergometer with 20 different programs and 32 resistance levels. The control panel has an integrated LCD display and simple menu navigation via a rotary knob. This makes this exercise bike ergometer very easy and intuitive to use.
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Spirit Fitness Johnny G Spirit Bike
The first hybrid indoor cycle - Johnny G Spirit Bike - Up to date technology, attractive design, great riding experience and robust mechanics that simply impress. The Johnny G Spirit Bike is an indoor cycle that meets professional requirements. The Johnny G Spirit bike is designed to complement the connected bike world with Bluetooth® and ANT+ enabled technology with connectivity to Strava®, Kinomap®, Zwift®, Spivi®, MyZone® and more. Stability, quality and design are outstanding features of the Johnny G Spirit Bike.
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Finnlo BioForce Extreme Sixpack Plus (3841)
The Finnlo Bio Force Extreme - with resistance up to 125kg - the revolution in strength training! Instead of conventional weight blocks, the Bio Force strength station works with the space-age TNT resistance technology. The nitrogen-filled cylinders create even resistance while operating completely silently. New - now with AB Strap.
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The @Mirror beams the trainee directly from the living room into the workout with the buddies. The favorite sport at the favorite place, always in the middle of it and still with a perfect overview. With the Horizon@Mirror and the Horizon@Abo, workouts and training partners are streamed directly to the large hidden display. Thanks to the excellent mirror effect of the surface, you can correct your own posture at the same time - and have a stylish home accessory during workout breaks. The @Mirror was awarded with the Good Design Award. The @Mirror can only be used in conjunction with a smartphone and the Horizon@Mirror app. When purchasing a @Mirror, a Horizon@Subscription is required, which must be purchased additionally.
CHF 2'090.00
CHF 2'990.00
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Bruce Lee Deluxe Boxing Gloves (14BLSBO001)
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Bruce Lee leather boxing gloves with thumb and a Velcro closure in typical Asian Bruce Lee design. The luxury version of the Bruce Lee boxing gloves gives stability to the wrist by the wide velcro closure. In addition, the glove protects the fingers and hands by a thick padding and thus also prevents injuries.
CHF 71.20
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Cyclone Cup Shaker, 650ml, black
The Cyclone Cup combines the advantages of the previous model with many positive innovations! The new drink closure is now much more practical to use and the new capsule system can now be attached by a simple click closure on the bottom of the shaker cup and expand as desired! So from now on various protein powders and weight gainers can be carried and mixed fresh for use when needed.
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BenchK pull-up bar - dip bar 2 in 1 (D8)
The BenchK 2 in 1 not only serves as a pull-up bar, but also as a dip bar. The set contains four hooks that can be mounted on the wall at the optimum height for the user. When hung on the upper hook, the 2 in 1 station is used as a pull-up bar. When attached to the lower hook, it is used as a dip bar.
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BodyCraft Leg Press-Hack Squat Combination Machine F660
The leg press and Hackenschmidt from BodyCraft - for targeted strengthening of the leg, buttock and calf muscles. The leg muscles are the strongest and hardest muscles in the body. The BODYCRAFT F660 leg press/hack squat combination machine was developed with this in mind. This machine is designed for the toughest loads - from heavy steel to industrial quality linear bearings.
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CHF 2'490.00
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Circle Fitness B8 Ergometer
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The B8 ergometer from Circle Fitness with mains-independent generator drive. The Circle Fitness machines impress with their robust construction, attractive design and state-of-the-art technology.
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BodyCraft GX Multistation
SHARK-TIP - Special offer until 31.3.2024Space-saving and multifunctional - with the BodyCraft Multistation GX you can perform countless different exercises for all areas of the body. The separate pull station with fixed footplate can be used to train different muscle groups and for rowing exercises.
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BodyCraft GX Multistation with leg press
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Space-saving and multifunctional - with the BodyCraft Multistation GX with leg press you can perform countless different exercises for all areas of the body. The separate pull station with fixed footplate can be used to train different muscle groups and for rowing exercises.
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