Tunturi Bumper Plates rubberized 51mm black-Weight plates and weights-Shark Fitness AG

Tunturi Bumper Plates rubberized 51mm black

High quality solid rubber bumper plates with 51mm hole diameter from Tunturi. (Price from 5kg disc) Bumper Plates are often used in weightlifting clubs, CrossFit boxes and professional gyms where weightlifting is a main focus.

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Bumper Plates are special weight plates used mainly in weightlifting and strength training. Unlike conventional weight plates, they are made of dense rubber or hard plastic and are designed to cause minimal damage when dropped on the floor. The main purpose of Bumper Plates is to improve the safety and longevity of weight exercises, especially in exercises such as the clean and jerk in weightlifting, where the weight is often dropped from an elevated height.

Features and benefits of Bumper Plates:

Impact Absorption: Bumper Plates are designed to absorb and cushion the impact to the ground when the weight is dropped. The rubberized or plastic-coated material helps protect the floor and reduce damage or noise.
Safety: Using Bumper Plates reduces the risk of injury. When weight is dropped from a great height, the elasticity of the material reduces the likelihood of injury or damage to equipment.
Barbell Bar Protection: Bumper Plates also serve as protection for the barbell bar. The rubberized material helps protect the dumbbell bar from damage due to impact.
Weight Identification: Bumper Plates are usually available in different colors, with each color representing a specific weight. This facilitates quick identification of the amount of weight used.

Tunturis Bumper Plates 51mm weight plates are specially made for weight lifting, versatile and very durable thanks to rubber coating.

The high-quality Bumper Plates weight plates are internally produced from stainless steel and covered with a durable solid rubber. The rubber coating is much thicker than conventional weight plates with rubber coating, which makes the weight plates extremely robust and they can even withstand a fall from a height without any problems.

Price per piece

5kg, black CHF 59.-- - diameter 45cm
10kg, black CHF 99.-- - diameter 45cm
15kg, black CHF 139.-- - diameter 45cm
20kg, black CHF 189.-- - diameter 45cm
25kg, black CHF 229.-- - diameter 45cm

0.01 kg
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