Upper body ergometer

Upper body ergometers are fitness machines designed specifically for training the upper body muscles. They are also referred to as arm ergometers, arm cycles or arm bikes. Unlike a traditional cycle ergometer, which is used primarily for leg training, upper-body ergometers focus on training the arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Upper Body Cardio Training:
Upper body ergometers provide an effective cardiovascular workout that specifically targets the muscles of the upper body. By continuously moving your arms, you'll increase your heart rate and promote blood flow.

Total Body Workout Option:
While upper body ergometers primarily work the upper extremities, they can also be used in combination with a leg ergometer or other lower body machine to provide a total body workout. This is especially useful for individuals who are unable to perform leg exercises due to injury or physical limitations.

Muscle building and strength development:
Exercising with an upper body ergometer can help build and strengthen the muscles of the upper body. It specifically targets the arm muscles, shoulders, chest and back muscles, depending on which grip positions and movement patterns are used.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy:
Upper body ergometers are often used in rehabilitation to help patients regain upper body function after injury or surgery. They provide a safe way to gradually rebuild strength, flexibility and endurance of the arms and upper body.

Upper body ergometers can be found in gyms as well as therapeutic facilities or home use. They offer a versatile way to improve upper body workouts, increase endurance and promote overall physical fitness.

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Concept2 SkiErg with PM5 monitor
The SkiErg is available for wall mounting or with optional Floor Stand as a freestanding model and is equipped with the PM5 as standard. A smartphone cradle is also included. With the ski ergometer and training device from Concept2, you build up exactly the strength and endurance you need for skiing, for example, and many other sports. (Image corresponds to model with Floor Stand)
Renegade HIIT Air Ski for wall mounting (ASKI100)
The Renegade Air Ski HIIT ASKI100 for wall mounting strengthens the upper body, abdominal, back and leg muscles relevant for skiing. Since the fitness equipment uses an air and magnetic resistance system, the movements are very fluid. This makes training more fun and reduces the risk of injury.
Renegade HIIT Air Ski with base plate (ASKI200)
The Renegade Air Ski HIIT ASKI200 with base plate for a flexible set-up strengthens the upper body, abdominal, back and leg muscles relevant for skiing. Since the fitness equipment uses an air and magnetic resistance system, the movements are very fluid. This makes training more fun and reduces the risk of injury.
NOHrD WaterGrinder Club Sport
The WaterGrinder, an upper-body exercise machine developed from sailing, is based on WaterRower's successful water resistance principle. In sailing, the Grinder's job is to convert wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as fast as possible. The grinders do the back-breaking work on board and are corresponding high-performance athletes. Using their muscle power and endurance, they move the winches on the ocean-going yachts, wrestling the sails into the vertical position. The modern way to do this is via a classic crank movement. The WaterGrinder now offers you the possibility to practice this sport at home and to achieve the fitness of a racing grinder without giving up the element of water.
FluidExercise E850 UBE
The FluidExercise E850 Upper Body Ergometer UBE is a high quality, robust, commercial bi-directional arm bike for the standing and seated position. The upper body ergometer is designed to train the upper body muscles. Depending on the positioning, shoulders, arms or the stabilization muscles in the torso area are trained. Due to the various adjustment possibilities, the upper torso trainer adapts optimally to the respective user. At the heart of every FluidExercise machine is the patented, adjustable Twin Tank fluid resistance system. Each machine offers a wide range of resistance from featherweight to Olympic intensity while remaining silky smooth at any speed. All FluidExercise machines use the patented vertical tanks that create a unique look, sound and feel with up to 10 different resistance levels. The full line of FluidExercise equipment works perfectly in both forward and reverse, with the ability to change resistance and direction "on the fly."
FluidExercise E750 Cycle UBE
The FluidExercise E750 Cycle upper-body ergometer (UBE) is a high-quality, commercial-grade machine that offers maximum versatility of use, including recumbent cycling and bi-directional upper-body-arm riding while seated or standing. The E750 features a dual-function pedal cage, foot straps and ergonomically designed handles for upper body use. The E750 resistance is adjusted via the patented twin-tank system with adjustable fluid resistance in 10 levels and the speed is controlled by the user. The E750 remains silky smooth and consistent at very low RPMs and is capable of handling the high speeds of a HIIT workout. This wide variation in load and speed options allows you to effectively train according to any workout program. If needed, the low-profile seat can be rotated 90 degrees for easy entry and exit. This unique feature is ideal for deconditioned and rehabilitation athletes.