List of products by brand Body Solid

Body Solid is a leading manufacturer of high quality fitness equipment for home use to continuous commercial use in personal fitness, hotels, corporate fitness, schools or gyms. Over the past 30 years, expertise has been built and a great deal of experience has been gained in the fitness industry. Body Solid offers a complete range of products including multi-station towers, multi-stations, single stations, exercise benches, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and many other fitness accessories.

Body Solid Landmine Plate Pivot (LMPP)
The LMPP Landmine Plate Pivot is Body-Solid's most versatile landmine, offering users an almost unlimited variety of exercise options. At 50.8cm in diameter, the Landmine Plate Pivot from Body Solid slides easily into stacked weight plates
Body Solid Leverage Universal Bank FID46
Body Solid - Leverage Universal Bench FID46 for flat, incline and negative bench press, 90° shoulder press and dumbbell training. The negative function also makes this bench suitable for sit-ups and abdominal crunches. The integrated leg section allows leg extension and prone leg curl exercises.
Body Solid Premium Tire Tread Slam Ball 4.5-9.1kg (BSTTT)
Body Solid's Slam Balls can be thrown against the wall or the floor without bouncing. Slam Balls provide an efficient full-body workout and train the trunk, as well as the upper and lower extremities. Slam Balls train explosive power, coordination and improve range of motion and flexibility. (Price from 4,5kg Slam Ball)
Body Solid Gravity Trainer (GINV50)

The gravity trainer of Body Solid relieves the overhead position recommended by orthopedists the intervertebral discs and relaxes the back muscles and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. The inversion bench from Body Solid is suitable for up to light institutional use.
Body Solid Ball Rebounder (GBR10)
With the Ball Rebounder from Body Solid, coordination and reaction can be trained. By throwing, catching and through the dynamic rotating movements, almost all muscle groups are involved. Coordination, motor skills, fitness and strength are effectively trained. Pefekt for functional and cross training, circuit training, sports and rehabilitation.
Body Solid Soft Medicine Balls 2,7-13,6kg BSTSMB
The Soft Medicine Balls from the Tools Collection of Body Solid allow a varied training and are comfortable in the hand. The soft medicine balls do not bounce and can be thrown, caught or held for various exercises. They train explosive power, coordination and improve endurance. They can be thrown against the wall or used with a training partner. (Price from 2,7kg soft medicine ball)
Body Solid Weight Sled GWS100
The weight sled is the perfect training tool for optimal sprint and high-speed strength training. Basic human movement patterns such as pulling, pushing, dragging and rotation can be reproduced with the weight sled.
Body Solid Power Rack Full Set (GPR378FB)
The Professional Power Rack GPR-378 from Body Solid in walk-in design including lat pull-down and rowing station with 95kg weight block and training bench offers maximum freedom of movement. With 20 different settings, the Professional Power Rack GPR-378 offers a wide range of training. The barbell and safety racks make training easy, effective and safe.
Body Solid Multistation G3S
The Body Solid Multistation G3S in a space-saving design. Bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, seated rowing, abdominal crunch, leg extension, leg curl, lower pulley for a variety of exercises (abductors, adductors, hip and gluteal muscles), upper pulley for a variety of exercises (various pulling exercises in the upper body area, lat pull), biceps curl, rowing - a workout without limits.
Body Solid Biceps Bomber BB23
The unique contoured design allows the arms and shoulders to be isolated while the back and elbows remain locked in the perfect curl position. The Biceps Bomber features a 450kg capacity woven nylon belt and a thick, oversized neoprene neck pad for total comfort. Dense elbow pads provide additional comfort and stability for a safer and more efficient workout. The Biceps Bomber can also be used to isolate the triceps. Perform triceps pressdowns or other high pulley movements with the Biceps Bomber to lock the elbows in place and increase focus and concentration throughout the movement.
Body Solid 3-in-1 Plyometric Wooden Box (BSTWPBOX)
The 3-in-1 Plyo Block combines all the advantages of the Body Solid plyometric boxes. The Body Solid plyometric boxes are ideal for Crossfit, personal training and plyometric training. Plyometric training is a form of training with the aim of performing a fast, powerful and explosive movement in the shortest possible time, which supports muscle building.
Body Solid Bumper Plates Disc Stand 50mm GBPR10
The Body Solid GBPR10 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack is an affordable, space-saving storage solution for bumper plates. It features high quality steel construction with a durable charcoal gray powder coat finish to keep this unit looking like new longer. This Body Solid Bumper Plate Rack features 10cm spacing in the plate slots to accommodate bumper plates of all sizes. Each slot accommodates multiple smaller size bumper plates while still providing ample space for larger bumper plates.